18" Slide Gate Valve

  • 18 in Slide Gate Valve
  • Extension

Item #: VV18

Price: $996.86

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Agri Drain Slide Gate Valves allow you to shut off the flow of water in your tile line for effective water control and easy maintenance.

  • Must provide a stable base, and installation using flexible couplers is recommended.
  • All parts are made out of super tough high-density PVC and high-quality stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Stubs are 4" long and SDR35 PVC Male.
  • Extension handle (not included) is used to open and close the valve at varying depths.
  • This product is not for use in lagoon or non-gravity flow applications.
  • 6"-long T-handle on 1/2" x 6 1/2" stainless steel rod.
  • Valve is not pressure rated.
  • Valve is intended for gravity flow: Low pressure and some seepage may occur.
  • This product carries a 1-year warranty.  Any modification to product will void the warranty.
  • Slide Gate Valve Spec Sheet