Smart Drainage System® Video

Agri Drain is focused on developing innovative products to take traditional gravity flow drainage to the next level.  One of these products includes Agri Drain’s Smart Drainage System®. This cellular/cloud-based system gives users the ability to monitor and manage their drainage systems remotely, ensuring proper moisture level for maximum yield, while reducing nutrient loss and risks associated with drought or excessive moisture.

Drainage water management is the practice of using a water level control structure to help manage the amount and timing of water leaving agricultural fields through tile lines, by allowing farmers to raise or lower the water table to a desired elevation depending on crop needs. Water flows into tile laterals which is directed down to the tile main. Water then flows through the main and into Agri Drain’s Smart Drainage System®, which is located near your outlet. The collected water raises up inside of the structure and is then held to your desired level. Water is released only as needed, through a valve that is located within the structure itself. The valve opens and closes on demand or automatically based on your established set-points and timers, which are specific to your drainage system.

Agri Drain’s Smart Drainage System® can also be coupled with sub-irrigation, giving the ability to reverse the drainage process by adding water back into the system, allowing water to flow back out away from your tile, providing supplemental irrigation to crops during times of water deficit.

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