6" Diameter, 18" Tall - Green Water Quality Inlet

  • 6"-Diameter WQI, Green, 18" Tall
  • 6"-Diameter WQI, Green, 18" Tall

Item #: WQI06G18

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Water Quality Inlet resists plugging and improves water quality by filtering debris before it enters the drainage system, and it replaces standard inlets in farm fields, ditches, dry dams, and terraces. 

  • Base snaps into single-wall corrugated plastic tubing.
  • 6"-diameter adapter (sold separately) provides a stable connection to Hickenbottom, Precision, or Quick Drain underground sections, and corrugated plastic tubing.
  • 12"-tall mesh sock provides additional filtration at the base of the Water Quality Inlet as soil settles after initial backfill. Mesh sock will disintegrate over time as the soil settles.
  • 6" diameter and 18" tall; contains 54 individual green wicks.
  • Each wick is made out of HDPE material and has a .625" OD and .030" wall thickness with .070" slot openings.
  • All intakes require periodic maintenance.
  • Water Quality Inlet Spec Sheet
  • Installation Instructions
  • Testing Results