Warthog Floating Pump


Price: $2,099.00

Call to Order: (800) 232-4742

Move water FAST with the Warthog Floating Pump! Use it in a variety of applications including farm fields, flooded ditches, golf courses, construction sites, and as water access for fire suppression. You can also use the Warthog Floating Pump for water aeration and irrigation!

  • Moves 850 gallons per minute. Water is pumped though a 6"-diameter discharge hose (sold separately).
  • Pumps more than 250,000 gallons in five hours on only 1.85 gallons of fuel.
  • Features an all-metal oil bath gearbox, composite impeller, and Kohler four-stroke motor. Check engine and gearbox oil levels daily.
  • Measures 20" x 30" and weighs only 85 lbs.
  • Pumps continuously for more than 12 hours with optional Floating Fuel Tank.
  • Quick setup—set in water, roll out hose, pull cord, and walk away.
  • Drain low spots in the spring to allow earlier planting.
  • Remove groundwater seep while trenching and building pipelines.
  • Refer to the Kohler owner's manual for engine warranty. See our website for full warranty details.

What's Included: One roll of Amazing Tile Tape, two hose clamps, engine owner’s manual, male coupling (installed on pump), female coupling, two stakes, and one bungee cord.