Pond & Lake Aerator

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Item #: PLACT

Price: $1,555.44

Call to Order: (800) 232-4742

The Pond & Lake Aerator improves water clarity, increases dissolved oxygen, reduces toxic algae blooms, accelerates muck reduction, and promotes the growth for bigger, healthier fish.

  • Easy to install.
  • No danger to swimmers, boaters, or aquatic life.
  • Capable of aerating ponds up to 1.5 acres, and from 3'-20' deep.
  • This complete system consists of Great Lakes® synergistic 4-diffuser manifold, ¼-hp diaphragm compressor, pole-mounted lockable aluminum cabinet, 6' power cord, 100' of unweighted tubing, and 15 brick ties.
  • The ties are used to attach three-hole bricks (not included) to the tubing to keep it on the bottom of the pond/lake.

"Ours runs 24/7 in west, PA, does an outstanding job. Our fish pond will be 40 years old [in] 2018; the aeration has helped the fish to grow. Even with the blue heron crane that visits almost daily." -Customer in Harmony, PA