2 & 3 Level Automated Valve

  • 2 and 3 level automated
  • Power-Control Unit
  • Automated Installation

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Installing 1 or 2 Slide Gate Valve(s) with a power actuator and a locally-programmable controller into Agri Drain's Inline Water Level Control Structure™ allows you to program your system on-site to automatically open and close valves to drain or retain water in a pond, wetland, surface or subsurface drainage system, or mine-reclamation application on a year-round schedule. Slide Gate Valve(s), stoplogs, and power actuator slide down inside the stoplog tracks of our Inline Water Level Control Structure.


  • Choice of one or two PVC Slide Gate Valve(s).
  • Choice of one or two power actuator(s) to open and close the Slide Gate Valve(s) in either a 2 level or 3 level structure.
  • Solar panel and battery to provide power to the system.
  • Locally-programmable controller.
  • Weather-proof enclosure.


  • Same specs as the Inline structure.
  • Available for pipe sizes up to 15"-diameter.
  • Components slide into tracks of an Inline structure. For Inline structures, click here.

2 & 3 Level Automated Valve Flyer