Multi-Level Automated Remote-Control Valve

  • Multi-Level Valve
  • Power-Control Unit
  • Automated Installation

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Reduce on-site visits by installing a Slide Gate Valve with a power actuator and a cellular-accessible controller into Agri Drain's Inline Water Level Control Structure™. Slide Gate Valve, stoplogs, and power actuator slide down inside the stoplog tracks of our Inline Water Level Control Structure. Remotely access your system with an online device (cell phone, tablet, laptop) to view system conditions via the Dashboard Display on the Smart Drainage Site and to set the valve to open and close automatically based on set-points chosen by the user.


  • PVC Slide Gate Valve.
  • Power actuator to open and close the Slide Gate Valve.
  • Water level sensor to monitor water level in the structure.
  • Solar panel and battery to provide power to the system.
  • Programmable controller with cellular/cloud-based communications.
  • Weather-proof enclosure.


  • Same specs as the Inline structure.
  • Available for pipe sizes up to 15"-diameter.
  • Components slide into tracks of an Inline structure. For Inline structures, click here.

Smart Drainage Site Options:

  • Monitor and manage your system remotely on our Smart Drainage Site Dashboard. To preview our Smart Drainage Site Dashboard, click here.
  • Open/close valve on demand or automatically based on desired set-points and a year-round schedule.
  • Operates in drainage water management or irrigation mode.
  • 365 water level set-point options.
  • Four water level timers.
  • Four drain duration timers.

Dashboard Display Options:

  • Water Level
  • Battery Condition
  • Current Valve Position
  • Historical Set-Points

Multi-Level Automated Remote-Control Valve Flyer

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