Farmers Share Real-life Experiences of Using Edge-of-field Conservation Practices

posted 5/31/2024

GALESBURG, Ill. — When it comes to farming, experience is often the best teacher. This June, producers can get answers to their questions about installing edge-of-field conservation practices by connecting with farmers who have first-hand knowledge at the Cultivating Conversations: How and Why Illinois Farmers Implement Edge-of-Field Practices panel discussion for west-central Illinois.

Four local producers will share their experiences and valuable lessons learned along the way before answering questions about their use of edge-of-field practices in this free event. Those who attend will be able to network with other farmers, learn how practices work, explore cost-share opportunities, and discover local professionals installing practices such as buffer strips, constructed wetlands, and bioreactors that are designed to capture nutrient and sediment and keep them out of nearby bodies of water.

“We want to share real-life experiences of farmers who have used edge-of-field practices and not shy away from the considerations and complications that come up,” said Rachel Curry, University of Illinois Extension agriculture and agribusiness educator. “Farmers listen to other farmers when it comes to stewarding their land.” 

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