10" Water Gate Valve


Price: $585.00

Call to Order: (800) 232-4742

The 10" Water Gate is a fully automatic, float-operated head pressure valve that manages up to 10"-diameter subsurface drain tile. It maintains a one-foot increase in water elevation between the downstream and upstream sides of the valve. 

  • Manage up to 10"-diameter subsurface drain tile.
  • Infinitely variable.
  • Completely buried to allow for convenient field operations.
  • Installation using flexible couplers on the upstream and downstream sides is recommended.
  • Valve is not pressure rated.
  • ​Valve is intended for gravity flow: Low pressure and some seepage may occur.*
  • Water Gate/Improved Drainage Water Management Flyer Courtesy of Agri Drain & USDA/ARS.
  • Water Gate Valve Spec Sheet

*To minimize seepage, we recommend installing 20' of non-perforated pipe on the upstream side of the Water Gate, or using an Anti-Seep Collar below the Water Gate.

U.S. Patent No. 7,942,606 B2
Canadian Patent No. 2,675,810